Friday, May 28, 2010

Taiwan's trip 台湾环岛之旅 Day 2

I woke up very early today at about 6.40am..This was because we planned to catch express bus 南投客运 at 8.20am to visit 清境农场!!That was the earliest trip we could get..After cleaning up myself, me and my bebe have our breakfast at hotel's restaurant. It was free as we are the customer...However, i couldn't appreciate their style, it tasted weird...After checking out, we walked about 15 mins to 南投客运station to wait for bus. The trip to 清境农场 was cheap which only TWD 240 per person. 清境农场 is located at 南投县仁爱乡!It took about one and half hour to reach 埔里, then it needed another 50 minutes to reach 清境农场 from 埔里! Initially i thought of seeing the nice scenary along the way when ascended up to 清境农场 but i was too tire...this was reason i slept along the way...hehe...but the bus driver was nice, he dropped us right in front of our hotel which i book online 清境枫叶山庄..price was reasonable TWD 1750 for 温馨双人房! However, the boss was very nice to us, he gave us 景观双人房which the original price supposed to be TWD 2250..we left our bag in the hotel, we then proceed our tour at 清境农场!

We bought our ticket at the northern part of 清境农场! We were told that because there was a sheep flu, we were not able to touch and feed the sheep. Besides that, all the performances related to sheep were cancel..damn it, we were disappointed but we have no choice. We started our journey at 青青草原, then we walked all the way down from the northern part...other than that, we visited 清境绵羊城堡, 万里长城步道, 观牧步道 ...We took a lot of pictures along the way..there were a lot of 柳杉 and 枫叶 along the way. Besides that, the scenary along the way was extremely marvelous and amazing..We had our lunch small restaurant near 观山牧区! the beef noodle was nice but a bit cost about TWD 100..Besides that, the wild boar sausage was nice too..2 for twd 50...quite reasonable too...after our lunch, we proceed to 观山牧区,寿山园 , 步步高升步道 and 蒋介石铜像 to pay a visit...again, the scenary was nice....步步高升步道has 487 steps to walk..along the way, they showed us the different type of flora which i have no idea what was all about...finally we ended our journey at 旅客服务中心! We bought some candies which are made from goat and cow milk..i was curious about 博望新村which was recommended by internet and travel of the auntie told me that i can catch buses in front of the travel centre..However, we caught a taxi in the end...btw, the taxi was rather cheap it cost only twd 200 to 博望新村!!again, the taxi was very friendly and offered a lot of help to us...without hesitation, i took this opportunity to gain more information regarding tourism spot in taiwan and his services...finally he gave me a name card and we can call him if we need to book a taxi..hehe...

After reaching 博望新村, i felt disappointed..It was just a small world war II village with some nice hotel..hehe..but the scenary was really nice lah...after taking some photos, we walked all the way down back to our was quite a distance...i walked until my legs pain..Middle of the way, we stopped at 7-11 to bought some staffs...we reach our room at 4.30pm, we took afternoon nap because we were too tire after walking for so long....At 7.30pm, we had our dinner at hotel's restaurant...we decided to have some steamboat...price was reasonable, TWD 200 for 2 persons..Also, i ordered their homemade coffee, 枫叶咖啡! this cup of coffee was quite expensive...TWD 120..but u have no regret if having was really nice..

There are a few more 步道 and some tourism spots such as 小瑞士花园 which i not intended to visit..hehe....overall, 清境农场is a nice and comfortable tourism will never regret once you are here unless you love shopping more than others...

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