Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taiwan's trip 台湾环岛之旅 Day 1

Wow...again it was really long time ever i updated my blog....for your information...I am officially DR Tan now...hehe.....i actually plan to write about feeling regarding graduation, upload some photos of my result releasing day and graduationnitez...but i just couldn't get rid of my lazy bug...hehe...ok...back to the point...before departing to taiwan, i spent almost 2 days in has been long time i visited was fun especially with my bebe's mum cooking..impressive...then on 25/5 about 7pm...Bebe and I took bus from Penang bus station to Ipoh..the reason was that there were no direct buses from Penang to LCCT...we reach Ipoh about 10.30pm..we spent sum time in Mc Donald near medan gopeng bus station(miserable bus station)...we took star shuttle at 12am 26/5/ LCCT..... we reached about 4am...however, it was the sleeplessness for us..we just couldn't sleep at LCCT because it looked more like refugee camp...we spent sum time at coffee bean before we checked in at 7am...In summary, we boarded the air craft around 9.30am...this is the first time i sat Air Asia X..much bigger than those air bus..but not really comfortable also lah...i still prefer MAS actually..we reach Tai Pei International Airport around thing really impressed me was that the attitude among taiwanese including those custom officer...they are really enthusiastic toward hospitality and tourism..they welcome us with passion and warm-hearted...Afterthat, we took express bus飞狗客运to tai chung..price was reasonable only twd 220 per person..however, the drawback was the time took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach tai chung railway station which was at 6.15pm...Another i was so shocked was i met Yip Kok Foo while taking photos at railway station..what a small small world...without wasting any time, we checked into budget hotel 哈密瓜时尚旅店 which i book online...not too bad lah..i was amazed because they provide condom and porn movie in the hotel room..

Around 7.30pm, we took 台中客运35号 to 逢甲夜市..It is the biggest night market at tai chung. This night market is near to 逢甲大学..that why you can see many youngsters in this night market...of course girls are really pretty...there are a lot of food and 小吃 at this night market..The most well-known is 大肠包小肠! It was really delicious.....initially i planned to try different types of food..however, my stomach condition does not permit me to do...Besides that, i bought a top up card from 台湾大哥大 so that in case there is any emergency we can call back or our families can call us....After spending about 2 hours in 逢甲, we took same bus back to our hotel..we called it a day for our day 1 because tai chung city really nothing much to visit unless we reached here early...

before boarding the air craft....

at tai pei international airport

inside 飞狗客运 express bus that take me from airport to tai 220 only

reaching tai chung railway station..this photo was actually taken by Yip Kok Foo

my budget hotel 哈密瓜时尚旅店 twd 1100 per nite

大肠包小肠 twd 40

乳酪鸡扒 twd 55

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