Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wretched and Unlucky day

Why is this so?? Normally. first thing i will do when waking up from the bed is to search for my hp..summore today, i suppose to attend UMS-HQE joint endoscopy workshop..Oh gosh, i couldn't find my hp at all and i am late for the workshop...i tried to call a few times but it was not reach..I taught my bebe trying to be funny with me by keeping my hp with her and she brought to her paed long case exam..Who knew, on the midth of the workshop i received a call from my bebe that she didnt take my hp at all and she also couldn't find her HTC PDA..In my heart, "shit" existed sixth sense told me that sumthing was going wrong and indeed, we lost our properties at the same time...Who else can steal our hp other than my housemates..but they are far in their hometown..My conclusion was that def someone had broken into our gate and stole our properties from my room window as i lives in the grandfloor...Yes, not a robber but a THIEF...i not sure whether this was done by a person or two or a group of syndicate but one thing i can ensure they have marked us long time ago...This is not the first time our house was broken in by such idiotic people...Other issue which provoked me further was the ignorance attitude from particular people..when my bebe asked whether did we need to make a police report so that the so called "mata" have some job to carry out...but that person insisted that this is our buisness, this is our matter....WTF, our house was broken in for the 2nd time and it this only our buisness, our matter...Watever, i won't care anymore..this is my final last year in UMS, my last year in this house, perhap my last year in sabah.....the only thing i can do is to ensure the safety of myself and my bebe...

TO THE BELOVED THIEF WHO HAS STOLEN MY HP AND MY BEBE PDA, I DEF WILL CURSE YOU...MAKE SURE YOU CAREFUL WHILE CROSSING THE STREET, IF NOT YOU DEF KNOCKED DOWN BY A CAR AND YOU HAVE TO ENJOY YOUR RAYA WITH YOUR BROKEN LIMBS....sorry for being to harsh but i really couldnt tahan liao..this is the critical time for me as i approaching "broke" financially, now i have to spend another rm500 to buy a new phone...every ppl also wan raya, not you alone..if you dun have money, try to figure something so that you r able to enjoy your raya...worst come to worst, go and become a gigolo and sell your backside, not broke into ppl house in the middle of, to the thief who stole my things, please have my word ya...i wouldn't who you are but it doesn't matter to me..i will curse you in my mind everyday...thank you for giving me a chance to do so as i had long time didn't curse people...


  1. ah gor, u said this is ur last year in Sabah???
    sure bo?

  2. Ermmm...i am still thinking lah..act i wanna go spore..unlucky thing is that UMS is not recognised at all..have to take their exam...