Friday, September 18, 2009

One week holiday in KK

GOsh..long time i didn't update my blog ya..very sorry, it has been very busy for me since final year started...I officially started my final year with Surgical Senior Posting...I was very excited because i love surgery very much...Indeed, this 8 weeks posting didn't dissappointed me..As some of our lecturers are sent to Sandakan to "guide" our 3rd year juniors, we are granted very well with HQE specialist such as Mr CHuah, Mr Kumar, Mr Ramu, Miss Siti and Miss Roha...Although some other specialists didn't teach us officially, thet taught us during clinic and ward round. That y i said, surgery posting for me was an excellent one...Other than that, we had Mr Basim, Mr Sabah, Mr Hla Maung and Mr Kyaw Naing on UMS side..Although we face difficulties in finding cases for bedside teaching due to the tower block problem, we are able to gain benefit from these external and internal lecturers. Besides that, we were posted to neurosurgery, urology and paediatric surgery for exposure..The drawback was some misunderstanding in paed surgery. I personally think that this issue was created by one of our lecturer. Normally, paed surgery is allocated in surgery posting. However, i seriously dun understand why the neonatology posting has to include paed surgery and created havoc for all of us..In the end, i just attended the paed surgery teaching for 2 days..shit..just forgot bou it...hehe..

The most stressful part of each posting is end of posting exam..As you noe, standard we r expected now are higher if compare to 3rd year and 4th year. Our mindset no longer a medical student but a house officer or medical officer..we can't make silly mistake as in 3rd year, we are expected to excel in management of common diseases, we are expected to perform as a house officer, we are expected to answer something which 3rd year dun noe..bla bla bla..and the lists go on...all these make me stress in the beginning of final year especially during the exam..I told myself, no matter how, the road not taken, this is something that i had chosen 5 years ago and i am still alive...i dun wan nonsenses to ruin my quality of life in subsequent months..that y the only thing i can do is to study harder compare previous years...haha..god treated me well, he give me simple case in my long case exam..i got MNG for my long case...wao..i am so release after the long case...i had a sleepless nitez before the long case...In addition to that, MCQ, MEQ, OSCE and short cases were also quite easy and least, my hardwork was not wasted(perhap no hardwork will be wasted in medical field) pain no gain...more pain is waiting for me because my next posting will be medical senior posting...erm..i promises myself to study sumthing during this 1 week hols but today already thursday and yet i do nothing other than sleep, eat and play facebook mahjong..haha..

One sad thing happen on me n my family was that my grandpa passed away when i was in 7th week of the posting..I requested leave from Mr Basim and i flew bc to pontian for the funeral..Grandpa love all of us when we r young..when i saw grandpa lying in the coffin, i felt like crying but the tear just didn't want to come out..when i saw grandpa, tan of memory flashed bc in my mind..Perhap, this is a good relieve for grandpa also as he had suffered cancer 9 years ago..It is not easy for a man like him to stay alive 9 years with the quality of life and quality of care by doctor from singapore....No matter how, REST IN PEACE grandpa, may god bless you and u always in my mind...Perhap, all the family members are missing you very much....

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