Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yeah...finally i got diving license from PADI open water dive...i am officially a diver now....haha...i attended a 3 days open water diving course(most basic level) under PADI from 12 to 14 september 2009...sorry for being in posting my blog..hehe...lazy bugs all around my body when i have hols..first day of the diving course started with theory lessons...It was held in seaquest office at grace was interesting as is my first time to come across diving staff...however, i still able to slept during the lesson as i had no enuf sleep the nite before...hehe...luckily we watched cd for the theory lesson, if not i think i def had fall asleep further...haha...Besides that, i met 2 new from HK, Cheng Hiu FUng and another one from austria, Anika..both of them working in MV Doulous, a ship name...they just slipped out from the ship and joined us for the diving was really nice and fun to have them in the course...oh ya, how can i forget our beloved and handsome instructor Mr Andy Chia...i think he is an excellent instructor...i really learned alot of things from him..then 2rd day..we started with confined water diving in pulau come to open water 1, got 1 session i nearly choking in the water, wah scarry man...we ended 2dn day at 4pm..then at night, i still have to study the diving books because next day we have final theory exam...haha..i just realized that i couldn't live without exam and log book..even diving we also have our own dive miserable...then 3rd day, same thing again....we stared open water in sapi then followed by last open water dive in pulau gaya...i really love diving because i can appreciate a lot of underwater aquatic animal and is really, after this open water dive, i promised myself that i will go for advance if possible..haha..after last dive, we bc to sutera harbour happily coz we almost passed....coz we still need to sit for the final exam in seaquest...haha..MCQ onlyu mah, not a big deal the end, everybody passed lo...5 of us are officially a diver now...hahaha...we had a small graduation ceremoy which we got our temporary diver card from Andy...then we proceed to the big ship MV doulos with anika and hiu fung..we had our dinner thing surprised me was that their fried chicken was excellent, i think much much better from KFC...hehe.....However, i suffered barotraumatic acute otitis media after the dive....most probably due to my sore throat during the many medicine i have to take pain no gain again..i even want to go swimming also cannot...
our book, quiz book, dive log and dive table
watching cd as our theory lesson but i think i am sleeping..haha

what am i looking for??haha

we departed to sapi island from sutera harbour port..i hope to have my own ship later..haha

be careful ya anika...haha

nothing better to do with ah loo

SAPI islands

Preparing for action!!!!i think i look thin..wuahahaha

Waiting for my seafood fried rice which cost me RM7.00

5 of us with Andy and Ivan..both are excellent instructor

this giant camera belong to a korean instructor..the frame is more expensive than the camera

Yeah, we finished last dive ....

Btw, i am not sabahan lah....

"graduation ceremony"

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