Monday, July 20, 2009

Kota Kinabalu after long holiday

Today, i bc to KK..."welcome bc to hell"..i bc to KK with various emotion. Excitement, guilty, depress and worry.I am excited because i m going to start my 2nd posting(elective is the first) in MD 5th year, Surgical posting..I like surgery very much..I wish to scrub in to assist in many operations; i feel guilty is because my plans was not fullfilled during this long holiday..the only people to blame is me myself..During hols, the motivation and determination to study was totally absent...haha; I feel depress because i will only come back to Melaka during CNY next year; i feel worry because my dad's heart condition is still not stable after the operation one month ago..

In the early morning, i drove down to LCCT with my parent and younger sister. They kononnya say wanna talked to me while i was driving, who knew everybody were in the alice of wonderland..I reached te airport around 9.00pm. Without wasting anytime, i quickly rushed to check-in counter to check in for my heavy luggage. Who know, i waited from 9.05 to 9.30am for the check in..WTF..3 lanes were available but only 2 lanes were functioning.. This was the "Malaysia Boleh" type of services provided by Air Asia..Thier attidude and appearance totally tarnished the name of Air Asia....

Then, i proceed to Old town coffeee shop to meet my parent to have a quick lunch as i need to check in by 9.50am...WHile eating, the idea of franchising some of the very well-known restaurant and fast food suddenly appear in my brain...haha..funny rite?i plan to start my very own buisness with my sister at the beginning of 30 y.o..haha...dream too much alrd....

However, i nearly missed the boarding time..Too excited aftert toking bou buisness...My mum accompanied me until the boarding gate..Thanks mum, i love u very much have been sacrified a lot for me... Another thing dissappointed me is the quality of the air stewardness of AK 5120 today....I have no other comments and the only word i can describe is bad...Bad in appearance and bad in services.....I think today is my unlucky day...airplane arrived late in KK...

Once i stepped in KK..i took a very deep breath and feel like telling the whole world that " I am back to KK"...i want to "strive to excel"(bertekad cemerlang) in final year..y i wan to use "bertekad cemerlang" comment...then me and my bebe went for sushi as lunch followed by watching Harry Porter at Grownball complex...Tell u wat, i sleep almost an hour inside the cinema....I dun think i am alone, most of the patron slept as well...terrible mv of harry porter i ever had....

Erm, this is my last year in UMS..i must work hard so that i won't let myself to be dissappointed again like what was happen in 4th year..haha...


  1. jia u dee!u sure can achieve ur goals,bebe always has faith in u o!love u muax muax!!! ^___^

  2. haiyah, rupaynya the anonymous is my naive bebe nah...first of all, u r fat.secondly, u r fat

  3. also baru tau
    all the best la gor....hope to go KK next year with mum n dad
    I also quite worry with dad la after i meet Dr. Ang last monday
    my flight to penang also suck~~~~ so terrible man
    the pilot is the worst pilot that i meet for the year i sit Air Asia